Thursday, 3 August 2017

Technique School at Stamps and Stencils

Hello and welcome ! We're kicking off the new challenge for Stamps and Stencils today and the lovely Autumn has chosen Technique School ! Here's what Autumn has to say:

This month we want you to play teacher and share a favorite process or new experiment.  Document your findings with at least one process photo.  We can't wait to see your technique tutorials and new ideas!  Remember to use stamps or stencils or both!

There are so many techniques to choose from, some old favourites, some that still need to be explored and some that have been dabbled with. I've had my Infusions for quite a while now and not done a lot with them so these fall in to the dabbled with category and these are what I chose to dabble with some more ! It's been a busy few months for me and one of the things that have been taking up my time is making curtains. The upside from this is that there are always left over pieces of fabric, and more specifically lining fabric. This all started with I wonder what happens if ........

Initially I cut 2 pieces of curtain lining fabric to roughly 20cm by 10cm, at this stage it was an experiment and so the size wasn't part of the plan.

The fabric was sprtized with water then I placed a skeleton leaf on the left hand side and sprinkled Infusions over the top and spritzed again. Then folded the right side over the top to make a leaf sandwich. I applied some pressure to make sure the Infusions had made good contact with the fabric then opened it out ....

The result isn't a 'wow' but the faint outline of the leaf on the right hand side I just loved !

 The results did vary and above you can see the comparison between the first and second attempts.

 However the third attempt really did give a good result. As I sat looking at the little pieces of fabric, and noticing the crease down the centre of all the panels a fabric book came to mind.

 I've had Lin Brown's new stamps for a while too and as they are leafy themed they made the perfect match to add some stamping to the fabric. I've used Watering Can Archival ink, heat setting it after stamping.

Apologies, I have no more step x step photos as the process took over ! The above is the finished fabric book.The little piece of lace is some that I tea dyed ages ago and then didn't use and the little skeleton leaf I found in my stash. The panels have all been sewn together with a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine and I've hand sewn some little beads too. The sentiment is from one of Lin Brown's stamp sets and I've used Watering Can Archival again.

As there was quite alot of Infusions on my craft sheet I used some Cut 'n' Dry foam to dab some through some sequin waste and did some more stamping with Lin's stamps and Watering Can Archival ink.

I've done some stamping with Infusions on this page, and the sentiment is by Yvonne Blair. I didn't want to obliterate the leaf print so have kept the page simple, which for me is a massive challenge !

The skeleton leaves I used for the leaf sandwiches have been included in the book,  slightly coloured by the Infusions. Some more stamping with Infusions using Lin's stamps and the sentiment added using Watering Can Archival. Dipping stamps into Infusions that have already had water added then stamping onto the fabric adds a different depth of the Infusion colour than rubbing the Infusion powder directly to the stamp then spritzing with water. I love both effects !

I stamped the leaves with Fern Green Archival ink on this page, stamping without an acrylic block to give a more random effect. The word is stamped again with Watering Can and I've hand sewn some little beads beneath it.

One final shot to show the little beads that I've hand sewn down the spine of the book.

This project all came about by wondering 'What if...', I hope you can join us for this challenge and challenge yourself to ask 'What if...' and do make sure you hop over to the Stamps and Stencils blog to see the rest of the teams fantastic projects.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Learning to write

I'm over on the Stamps and Stencils blog today sharing my dabbling a journal writing. This is something that I've admired for a long time in other crafter's work but never had a go myself.

To see how I got on and how this journal bag came together hop over to the Stamps and Stencils blog.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Words with Meaning

We've arrived at the first Thursday of the month again so that means it's the start of a new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils. I am the host for the new challenge and I've chosen Words with Meaning. I may be an old romantic but I love to see quotes and meaningful sayings on pieces of art. These can be quotes that are particularly meaningful to you or family sayings ! So, for this challenge I want to see your words taking centre stage, big and bold ! Remember, as always, you need to include some stamping or stencilling or both !

I doubled up for this project as I needed a family birthday card too. I started with Smoothy card and 'smooshing' various colours of Fresco Finish paints over it using the firm side of cut 'n' dry foam.  

 To knock the colours back slightly, I used my finger and rubbed Snowflake Fresco Finish over the card, being careful to not totally obliterate the colours beneath.

 To frame the card I've stamped around the edge using a stamp from Lin Brown's ELB32 set using Fresco Finish paint. 

Next to add the interest to the background, I grabbed a few stencils and stencilled using Fresco Finish paints.

 I always think that some script adds that certain needed touch to a background so I've used another Lin Brown stamp from the ELB30 set and heat embossed it with white EP.

 I bought a Kay Carley stamp set a while back and never got around to inking it up, so thought it would be good to give it an outing for this card. I've stamped the images from EKC02 using Watering Can Archival ink then used my Sharpie pen to add some dots.

 After rummaging around in my craft room I came across some chipboard frames, I've no idea where they came from but they were the perfect size to frame the quote I had in mind. I've glued Art Stones to the frame then used Fresco Finish paints mixed with acrylic glaze to soften the colours and allow them to blend more easily.

 The quote I've used is an old Serendipity stamp that I've had for years. Before stamping I rubbed some more Snowflake Fresco Finish paint where I wanted to stamp it to make sure the words would stand out from the background.

 I've also rubbed from White Fire Treasure Gold over the Art Stones on the frame to add a little bit of shine to the card.

It was great to get back to some stencilling and stamping and to make something that would be going to a new home (my Mum's house ).

I hope you get chance to join us for this challenge and make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to see the fabulous projects the rest of the DT has created. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Fabric and Fibres for Stamps and Stencils

It's the first Thursday of the month which means it's the start of the new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils. Cec is our lovely host for this month and has chosen Fabric and Fibres, here's what Cec has to say:

Let's add some fabric and/or fibres to our creations this month.  You can use linen, burlap, organza, wool, lace, ribbon, rope to name a few.  The list is almost endless but whatever you add, make sure there is some stamping or stenciling (or both) on your creation as well.

I was fortunate to attend one of Lin Brown's fabulous workshops last year which was all about rusting fabric. I have a love hate relationship with rust as my success rate is quite low, so the fact that  I decided to create a second piece along the same lines is quite a surprise, even to me !

 After a week of my kitchen smelling of lemon juice and rust I did have one or two pieces that had rusted quite well. I didn't have any vinegar, and neither did the local shop, so I tried it with just lemon juice, lemon juice and a spritz of water, water with acrylic wax and water with glue ! The pieces that were done with just lemon juice and rusting powder were the most successful and to create the rusty detail I used lots of different stencils.

I had an old frame that was the right size but wrong colour, Little Black Dress Fresco Finish paint covered it perfectly.

The above is the finished piece, so no step x steps for this project. The hardest part came when I had to put it together, deciding on the layout and what detail to add. All of the pieces are glued onto a piece of Calico which in turn is glued onto the back board of the frame which I've covered with black fabric.

The metal pieces were all bits that were left over from Lin's workshop so I had a head start, it was more about the rust this time and I was determined not to be beaten !

The centre panel was the one I really wanted to work and it took me 2 or 3 goes to get to this result. The stencil is rom PaperArtsy and is from one of their new designers Scrapcosy. The fabric used for all of the rusting is Egyptian cotton from Empress Mills. The lemon juice has created some rust but it's also, kind of bleached the fabric which I rather liked.

Adding in some lace and burlap for texture and contrast and the skeleton leaves just added that touch of delicate nature. I also did some hand stitching using black embroidery silk, but just using a single strand.

The script tape is a favourite and I only have a little piece left so it's used very sparingly ! The dotty piece the metal leaf is mounted onto is the best result from my rusting and was created with a Wendy Vecchi stencil, lots and lots of lemon juice and rusting powder. I left it for 24 hours which paid off.

I'm also quite proud of the fact that this piece is finished and is also hanging on the wall. There's not many pieces that get that far !

I hope you get chance to join us for this challenge and dig out any bits and pieces of fabric and fibres you have stashed away. Also, make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils and see the fabulous projects the other DT members have created.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Lucky Star !

We're kicking off the new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils today and Branka is our lovely host. Here's what Branka has to say:

For this challenge I would love to see a mixed media project that has star/s in it somewhere. You can create anything you like as long as you include a star. Don't forget to use stamps or stencils or both! Can't wait to see what you create!

I've been itching to play with the Infusions colours so this was my opportunity !

 I used the Tim Holtz Stacking Stars to cut the stars from Acetate.

 I used the Acetate as a stencil and pressed Versamark ink through the stars then sprinkled on Infusions. I removed the stencil then spritzed with water. I wanted to keep the bright colours so dried the Infusions straight away.

 The next layer was more Infusions this time using Rusty Car, drying it before the walnut stain started to show.

 I used Watering Can Archival ink with the script stamp from one of Lin Brown's new stamp sets.

 Some more stamping with Watering Can then I decided to do some embossing but couldn't find my gold EP. But I did find my Sticky EP, so I stamped the stars from Lin's set with Versamark and sprinkled on the Sticky EP and heated it, then pressed Gold Leaf over the stars.

 I wanted to use the large star from the Tim Holtz as the main image and fancied incorporating some fabric. Searching through my bit box I found a baby wipe that I'd saved with some colour already on it. I sprinkled on some Infusions spritzed it with water and dried it.

 I die cut the large star from a coaster and covered it with the baby wipe.

 The sentiment is also from the Lin Brown set and is stamped onto some Smoothy card that's had more Infusions sprinkled over it.

One final shot to show the shine from the gold leaf and also the little metal Finnabar star. You may have spotted that I've layered the Infusions card on to a layer of white card. When I tried to removed the masking tape it pulled the top layer of paper from the card, so I had to trim the top layer back to the Infusions.

I hope you get chance to join us for this challenge and do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils and see the rest of the DT's fabulous projects !

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Mixing it with Metal

It's been a while since I did and Inspirational Post for Stamps and Stencils so if you head over there today you'll see how the below project came together.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Put a bird on it with Stamps and Stencils

Hello ! I'm back today to join in with the Stamps and Stencils challenge for this month. The lovely Toni is our host and has chosen Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep, put a bird on it ! Here's what Toni has to say:

One of the joys at this time of year, is to wake up to the glorious sound of birdsong. The challenge this month is in celebration of our fine, feathered, friends. We would love to see your mixed media projects, that include at least one bird. Whether it's a  journal spread, an assemblage or card, just make sure that a little dickie bird features somewhere. Please don't forget to include stamping, or stenciling or both. Can't wait to see your creations!

Being still limited with what craft stash I can access I kept it simple. I'd started this page months ago and then put it away so the foundation was already done for me. The leaf stencil is by Donna Downey and from I can remember I used a gel medium then sprinkled Infusions over it and spritzed with water.

 I've used lots more Infusions, spritzing with water and drying before too much Walnut Stain appeared.

 I've sprinkled on some white embossing powder to add some texture and also lighten some areas.

The script stencil is also by Donna Downey and I've just lightly sponged Snowflake and Little Black Dress over it. 

 The lovely bird is from an Artistic Outpost set and I've sponged some Snowflake Fresco paint to block out the background colour before stamping.

The  final shot is to share the quote which is an Yvonne Blair stamp, I've blocked out the background colour again before stamping. 

The rest of the team have produced some fabulour projects so do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to take a look.