Thursday, 5 July 2018

Ombre tag

It's time for the new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils and the lovely Ruth is our hostess for the month. Ruth has chosen the  theme of Ombre, here's what Ruth has to say:

 Ombré has been in fashion for a while now and not just in art...or even hair! It's a french word meaning 'a colour that is shaded or graduated in tone' for this challenge we want to see projects or part of your project that has one (or more) colour that graduates from it's lightest pastel tint to its darkest that?? simple...ooh and with a little stamping or stenciling of course!

Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go and that's what happened with this project.

I've had this large MDF tag for literally years so it was about time I used it. I started by covering it with a patchwork of torn up pieces of book paper. Then gathered a selection of Fresco Finish paints in various shades of blue. Starting with the lightest I built up layers using a baby wipe to knock the colours back slightly. 

 The thistles are a Lin Brown stamp which I've stamped onto tissue paper using black, Watering Can and Cornflower Archival inks. I've used a glaze to stick the tissue paper to the tag, overlapping them to create depth.

Next up was some splattering ! 

 Here you can see the patchwork of book paper and how by using a baby wipe the colour can be knocked back really easily.

 The sentiment is from an Alison Bomber set which I've stamped onto tissue paper too and used the glaze again to stick it to the tag. 

I really like how this tag came together and the shades of blue worked out really well, particularly when the glaze was added.

The team have created some fabulous projects so do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to take a look !

Thursday, 14 June 2018

And then there were two..

I'm over on the Stamps and Stencils blog today sharing an Inspirational Post for the current challenge, Do Judge a Book by its Cover.

If you saw my post here you'll understand why there are two books that have been altered and not just one ! For all the details of how the second book came together you'll need to hop over to Stamps and Stencils.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Do judge a book by it's cover !

We're starting the new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils today and the lovely Lula is our hostess for the month. Lula has chosen altering a book cover as the  theme and here's what she has to say:

Reading books has been my favourite activity forever. I am also addicted to altering ordinary items surrounding us. For this challenge I'd like you to alter any book cover. Creating an altered cover is something anyone can do because your only limitation is your own imagination.  You can use any type of books from children's books or user manuals to art journals. Don't forget to use stamping and/or stencilling and join us in the fun!

I have a couple of old books that I keep for using the pages in projects so as a way of making full use of them I decided to alter the cover. 

 After a good coat of Gesso I then decided to go down the natural colour route and used Stone and Chocolate Pudding Fresco Finish paints with a little bit of Irish Cream too. 

 I wanted to add texture but looking at my depleted pots of pastes the only one that hadn't gone hard was Wendy Vecchi's Translucent paste. I used a Kim Dellow stencil and to add some colour to it I sprinkled on Infusions, the paste sucks it in and keeps the colour beautifully. 

 The Infusions powders separate into different colours if you look closely at them so I wanted to pick these colours up in the rest of the project. I used Amsterdam Acrylics to lightly dab the colours that can be seen in the Infusions powders, around the edges of the cover.

 I used the same process for the back cover too, using Washi Tape as a base.

 Rummaging around in my stash I found this lovely cage, I'm not sure who it's by as it was on it's own. The flower is by Prima and I used Amsterdam acrylics to paint them both.

 I didn't want to obliterate the origins of this book, and by gently brushing Treasure Gold over the indented title it highlighted the words slightly.

  To add a little shine to the front cover I used Treasure Gold again, just brushing it lightly over the raised areas of the paste. The butterfly is also by Prima and has been painted with Amsterdam Acrylics as have the leaves. I do love how these paints blend together ! 

I hope you can join us for this challenge and do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to the rest of the team's fabulous projects !

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Fake it for Stamps and Stencils

Today is the start of the next challenge over at Stamps and Stencils.The lovely Toni is our hostess for the month and has chosen Fake it as the theme. Here's what Toni has to say:

I love faux finishes of all descriptions whether it be rust, stone, leather or time worn vintage. You  name it we have the power to fake it! I'd like to see your projects that include at least one faux finish. Produce anything you like but please include some stamping or stencilling or both if your heart desires!

 I joined in with the 31 days of Gelli printing and one of the techniques was the Faux Marbling technique. Birgit Koopsen has a video which you can find here on how to do it. I pulled the prints on tissue paper using Amsterdam Acrylic paints then glued them into my journal.

I then gathered together a host of Fresco Finish colours and started to apply to the page. It started off well but the more I added the less I liked it. So, decision time, Gesso the whole thing or try to salvage it ! As I didn't want to lose my Faux Marble pieces the decision was made to salvage the page.

The step by step photos stopped as to be honest the process was pretty messy ! The final leap of faith was to paint the sides black which did make the centre panel pop so I settled for that.

I've used Kim Dello's stamps which I've added extra doodling to and also the free stamp from the recent Craft Stamper magazine, it seemed a perfect match !

I've doodled using a white Gel pen and shaded with a black Stabilo pencil.

The butterfly is also from the Kim Dellow stamps and has been painted with Fresco Finish paints and cut out. The text is from Alison Bomber's Courage stamp set, I really love these stamps, good words to make you think. The stencilling is done through some sequin waste with black acrylic paint.

So, in the end a salvaged page which I quite like.

The rest of the DT have created some fabulous projects so make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils. 

Monday, 30 April 2018

Book box revisited

I'm over on the PapeArtsy blog tonight sharing a revamped book box project.

I've had the pleasure of using Darcy's new stamps, for all the details you'll need to hop over to the PaperArtsy blog.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

In the Meadow

Today we are starting the new challenge over at Stamps and Stencils. Rachel is our lovely hostess and has chosen In the Meadow for this month's theme. Here's what Rachel has to say:

Meadows are such amazing places - lots of different grasses, wild flowers and wonderful wildlife. Let your imagination run wild ...and use stamps or stencils too! Enjoy!

I joined in with Birgit Koopsen's 31 Days of Gelli Printing so I now have a stack of prints all waiting to be used.

This print was from the Spray Inks day, I really liked how the colour of the inks changed to pastel shades.

I didn't have much that would fit with a meadow theme but then I remembered this Tim Holtz stencil which worked quite nicely.

I used the stencil several times with different colours with the finaly layer adding a pop of colour.

I used the grass and script stamp from a Lin Brown set and stamped them with Watering Can Archival ink.

 The panel was edged with Watering Can Archival ink before mounting onto white card.

 The sentiment , which is by Alison Bomber, was stamped onto a spare piece of the Gelli printed card in Watering Can Archival ink.

 This shot shows the stencilled layers.

One last shot to show how lovely the script stamp is.

I hope you get chance to join us for this challenge and do make sure your hop over to the Stamps and Stencils blog to see the rest ofthe DT's fabulous projects.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wax Lyrical

We're starting the new challenge today over at Stamps and Stencils. I am the host for this challenge and have chosen Wax Lyrical, the challenge isn't actually the definition of this phrase but it's the first thing that came to mind when I chose the theme which is to use wax in your projects. I've long been intrigued by Encaustic art, I love the abstract nature of the pieces and the layering of papers and items embedded in layers of wax, so this is another excuse for me to have another dabble.

After gathering all of the required tools, including a very informative book called The Whole Ball of Wax by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, I started by stamping some tissue paper with a script PaperArtsy stamp. 

The Encaustic Board has to be primed before using which involves warming the board then giving it it's first coat of wax and fusing (heating it again). To add some colour to the wax I've used Alcohol ink dripped onto some kitchen towel and then rubbed over the surface. 

 Next up is the stamped tissue paper, this is pressed on to the wax then a layer is added on top and fused. What I loved at this stage was how the Alcohol ink moved around as the wax melted.

 The leaves are also stamped onto tissue paper and after adding each one another layer of wax and then it's fused.

I have to say using the lace to make an imprint in the wax worked out so much better than I thought, the detail that was left behind is incredible ! 

To add some colour and depth I've used Pan Pastels to lightly pick up all of the detail left by the lace. I'd forgotten how lovely Pan Pastels are ! 

 I've used some White Fire Treasure Gold over the lace imprint, this really does pick up the detail.

 As the leaves were added separately the wax has given some perspective to the images, I then added a small piece of text over the top which worked beautifully.

 Carving into wax and flooding with Encaustic paint was something I tried here, not that successful but I decided to keep it.

 Using a stencil and brushing the wax over it is another fabulous technique, my stencil was none too happy however so I didn't get as clear a result as I'd hoped for. There was something about it, though I liked, so it stayed. I used Pan Pastels around the edge to create a burned effect, this worked really well. By just warming the wax the pastels sink into it and create this wonderful blended colour.

This is the finished piece and I am really pleased, I still have a long way to go but I'm loving the results so far. 

The rest of the DT have pulled out all the stops as usual so do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to see their fabulous projects.