Friday, 25 March 2016

A little bit of wax and a long week !

You know when you reach the end of a week and look back and think 'thank goodness that's finished', well that's the kind of week I've just said goodbye to ! It started with a cold that progressed into something quite horrible, I lost my voice and generally felt quite ill, then to top it all off when I finally dragged myself to the supermarket to do my grocery shopping, I managed to leave some of it at the checkout.......after I'd paid for it ! So, as you can see I am quite relieved to be rid of the last 7 days. One good thing to come out of the last week was a crafty day with 2 good crafty friends, before the lurgy really took hold ! We spent the day getting to grips with encaustic wax and Ruth very kindly shared her findings and experimentation with us.

This was a small piece done on Stampbord, dry brushing, fusing and embedding a piece of fabric in it as well as using a stencil and brushing wax over it. 

This piece was done on a piece of plywood, PVA glue was spread over a stencil then using a blowtorch the wood was burnt and the glue bubbles up to create some lovely texture. To add the colour Pan Pastels were used.

 You can see on this shot how much texture is created with the bubbled up glue.

 This final piece is my favourite and I love how the wax has built up so well over the numbers stencil.

This sentiment is one of my favourites from Yvonne Blair and it's stamped onto tissue paper then burnished onto the wax before a layer of wax is added over the top. Scratches have been made into the wax surface then Portfolio pastels are rubbed into the grooves then wiped off with a baby wipe.

To highlight the numbers more I've done some dry brushing over the top. I'm quite pleased how this last piece turned out.

This is definitely something that needs to be explored more and I've got a sneaky suspicion it could be quite addictive !


  1. These look fabulous Sue, love encaustic work but can never get a good result with it, your pieces are wonderfully textured with gorgeous colours.
    A new guest artist at A Vintage Journey today, celebrating Andy Skinner and his work. Would love you to stop by and leave him some love and if you enter this months challenge you could be in with a chance of winning some of his new stamps and stencils xx
    Happy Easter and glad you're feeling better.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  2. The results are really beautiful Sue, love the hexagons one now it's finished, the colours look sooo good!! There's just something about the results of working with wax that gives delight & pleasure. Glad your feeling better. Hugs Ruth xx

  3. Oh my word Sue, this is gorgeous. So much detail, lots of depth. The colours are my favourites....I love everything about it.

  4. I'm sorry you've had such a horrible week Sue. OH & I did a similar thing at a store the other week.... left a new toy for Snoopy on the counter! Glad you seem to be coming out the other side of it all now.

    Oh Sue, all these pieces are stunning! The last one is my favourite too but probably just because I love words/quotes on things and this is one I've note seen before. The colours are all so gorgeous on each project as is the texture. Just lush, all of them!

    Lesley Xx

  5. so sorry to hear about your terrible week sue - sounds awful and I do feel for you having had a lose your voice lurgy myself about a month ago - your piece is absolutely amazing - I love what you have done with the glue - and the wax - wow - clever stuff! Hugs Rachel xx

  6. Beautiful work! I've just done that at the supermarket too, realised when I was 3/4 of the way home and had to go back for it... hope you feel better.

  7. They are beautiful!! I love them all. I had one of those weeks too ((hug)) I have only played with wax on a few occassions but I want to get i out again now. Happy Easter x

  8. Fantastic results Sue, is this clear encaustic wax or beeswax? I love the results . Glad to hear you are feeling better. Happy Easter. Tracy x

  9. Wow Sue, these are just incredible! I can't believe you braved a blow torch, my hubby got nervous when I asked him to buy me a lighter so I could singe the ends of my ribbons! haha!! I do hope you get to feeling better. Wishing you a Happy Easter! hugs :)

  10. Fabulous technique and wow projects. Such interesting effects. Another technique to add to my list to try.

  11. These are all fabulous and show great texture along with a warm sheen from the wax. This is something I would love to learn - maybe a trip to the UK if I can get my DH to ignore the exchange rate - hmmmm.
    Hope you get to enjoy Easter with your family, glad your yucky week is done and big hugs!

  12. Sue this is brilliant!!! Gosh I would love the have a play with you guys!!! Fancy coming up to Edinburgh for a day or two??? We could organise a crafty day with several friends, I would absolutely LOVE to learn some of those techniques, - the results are just stunning!!!

  13. What gorgeous creations, Sue. Love the #s one especially. Hope you are feeling loads better.

  14. how fabulous to have a crafty day with friends, especially after such an awful week Sue x
    Your encaustic wax piece looks absolutely fabulous..wonderful details and sentiment.

    Take care and Happy Easter
    Annie xx