Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wax Lyrical

We're starting the new challenge today over at Stamps and Stencils. I am the host for this challenge and have chosen Wax Lyrical, the challenge isn't actually the definition of this phrase but it's the first thing that came to mind when I chose the theme which is to use wax in your projects. I've long been intrigued by Encaustic art, I love the abstract nature of the pieces and the layering of papers and items embedded in layers of wax, so this is another excuse for me to have another dabble.

After gathering all of the required tools, including a very informative book called The Whole Ball of Wax by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, I started by stamping some tissue paper with a script PaperArtsy stamp. 

The Encaustic Board has to be primed before using which involves warming the board then giving it it's first coat of wax and fusing (heating it again). To add some colour to the wax I've used Alcohol ink dripped onto some kitchen towel and then rubbed over the surface. 

 Next up is the stamped tissue paper, this is pressed on to the wax then a layer is added on top and fused. What I loved at this stage was how the Alcohol ink moved around as the wax melted.

 The leaves are also stamped onto tissue paper and after adding each one another layer of wax and then it's fused.

I have to say using the lace to make an imprint in the wax worked out so much better than I thought, the detail that was left behind is incredible ! 

To add some colour and depth I've used Pan Pastels to lightly pick up all of the detail left by the lace. I'd forgotten how lovely Pan Pastels are ! 

 I've used some White Fire Treasure Gold over the lace imprint, this really does pick up the detail.

 As the leaves were added separately the wax has given some perspective to the images, I then added a small piece of text over the top which worked beautifully.

 Carving into wax and flooding with Encaustic paint was something I tried here, not that successful but I decided to keep it.

 Using a stencil and brushing the wax over it is another fabulous technique, my stencil was none too happy however so I didn't get as clear a result as I'd hoped for. There was something about it, though I liked, so it stayed. I used Pan Pastels around the edge to create a burned effect, this worked really well. By just warming the wax the pastels sink into it and create this wonderful blended colour.

This is the finished piece and I am really pleased, I still have a long way to go but I'm loving the results so far. 

The rest of the DT have pulled out all the stops as usual so do make sure you hop over to Stamps and Stencils to see their fabulous projects.